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Conferences don’t have to be serious and dull. Here are 6 ways to engage your audience:

  1. Know who your attendees are

When guests register for your event, you can add a little survey to ask them which industry they are from and what they want to get out of attending the event. This will then help you tweak your agenda and content if necessary.

2. Make time for networking

Guests usually attend trade shows hoping to find new customers and partners. By including time for networking, attendees don’t have to rush through their meals while trying to foster deep connections with other attendees

3. Use an event app for Business Matching

When conferences have more than 50 people, it can be challenging to meet everyone who might be a match to attendees. By having an app that helps to set appointments in advance, attendees can be assured not to lose out.

4. Rearrange your seating styles

When you have breakout rooms, don’t limit yourself to theater or classroom styles. Arrange table clusters so that attendees can mingle without having to move around so much.

5. Understand your presenters styles

Some presenters are more comfortable giving lectures in one position while others prefer being more interactive and walking about. When making seating arrangements, ask the presenters what makes them most comfortable so that you know how to arrange the audience.

6. Choose panelists and moderators carefully

Have a good mix of presentations, forums and Q&A sessions rather than straight forward lectures which can be tiring for the audience. Make sure to know the content by requesting for an outline of their notes so you know if any tweaking is necessary to suit the audience. It will also help you make sure that they don’t have too many slides when there’s an obvious time limitation.

It’s always refreshing to see new faces on the panel so don’t be afraid to get small business experts as part of your panel besides the usual influencers from MNCs.

Moderators can make or break an event. Make sure to choose the right moderators with the right energy levels to suit the audience. They should be familiar with the topics that are about to be discussed and be prepped so that they don’t ask obvious and boring questions.

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