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If you’re a conference sponsor and are looking for ways to sponsor besides offering cash, why not offer something guests (especially those travelling a distance to attend) would appreciate? I’ve travelled quite a bit to attend conferences and some things I look forward to are related to making me feel relaxed and taken care of immediately. Here are 5 ways of making your sponsorship stand out:

Luxury Car Rental
Provide a premium travel experience to guests by offering them a complimentary rental car. The car should be loaded with Wi Fi, Bluetooth, navigation, satellite radio, and leather seats. Arrange for guests to receive a special code to book the complimentary rental in the app. When they arrive at the airport, they use the app to activate the reservation, unlock the car, and start driving. When they are finished, they simply return the car to a designated space at the car rental facility. No such service in the host country? Just pre-arrange pick up services from the airport to the hotel with a local car rental company.

In-Room Massage
After a long day attending a conference, make arrangements in advance or offer gift cards so guests can book an in-room massage at their hotel. Make sure that the massage providers are licensed, insured, and go through in-person screening by the company. Upon booking, customers receive a confirmation with the therapist’s full name, photo, bio, and massage license number.

Errand Service
It can be tiresome to look for specific items in a place foreign to a guest. Hire errand providers to get anything your guests want from SIM cards to handphone charges to Chinese take out or Halal food restaurants to local souvenirs for them to bring home to their loved ones. This will save them time and energy to relax before and after the conference.

Play Area
We are all big kids at heart and stations or areas that get the attendees involved by playing games, relaxing and releasing their inner child will always be a big a hit. Ideas such as giant Jenga, chess or board games are a great way to get involved and you could even have your own giant branded pieces.

Create mini competitions that last throughout the day so that you are remembered and keep attendees coming back to talk to you and try to better their earlier scores. By running tournaments such as table tennis or more traditional fair games such as guess the sweets in the tin (or for bigger budgets, balloons in a car) sponsors can offer great prizes (and their own products) while also collecting some new email addresses to follow up with after the event (they have to contact the winner somehow).

Fitness Sessions

The joy of fitness is that you can make it fun and it only has to last 5-10 minutes. You can tailor it to any time table to suit the event. By showing up at events and running 10-15 minute beginner dance sessions that the attendees can join in.

The key point to remember with fitness is to keep it fun, light and entertaining because not everyone wants to work out or is dressed appropriately so you should look at having some music going and lighter options to get everyone involved (for example using branded flexibility balls or other equipment).

Be Charitable

Show your brand’s philanthropic side and draw attention to charities or causes that you work with. Attendees who feel like they can help another cause at the same time can satisfy their charitable side with minimal effort and this is always popular. Helping others or being struck by charitable awareness tends to strike a chord with people. Opt to give CSR gifts at the event, allow them to “sponsor” animals or land for wildlife conservation or even combine with the craft idea and get them making things for others; for example, assembling gift baskets for the less fortunate. Alternatively, if your event is near Christmas you could have a toy assembly area to make toys for children to ship overseas after the event and where attendees can write letters or notes accompanying their toy or gift.

VIP Toilets

Everybody has got to go, so why not use this to your advantage? Let’s be honest, sometimes going to the toilet at an event (here’s looking at you festivals) can be horrific and it really ruins the vibe so opt to sponsor luxury toilets that actually flush, proper sinks, and have plenty of toilet paper. You can even opt to have hair dryers. You can even use the back of toilet doors or mirrors for extra branding posters or stickers because the attendees will be giving you full focus!

In Conclusion
You want to get the most out of your investment. Now is the time to think creatively and see results. This is the time to connect with attendees, get guests involved and make them feel good about what they are doing in one way or another. This means your brand will be synonymous with positivity (which is exactly what you want).


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