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About Best Events

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Welcome to our website! You’re most probably here because:

a) You’ve been tasked with organizing an adhoc event AND juggle your daily job responsibilities WHILE impressing your team

b) You’re working on your sales and marketing plan and need our expertise to sharpen your marketing and event strategies that engage your customers and keep them coming back for more

c) You have 6 months to create a kick-ass conference and need a little assistance with…everything!

d) You’re rewarding your staff (kudos to you!) and need a little help with coming up with the right team buiding and recreational activities 

e) You’re interested in our event app and tech solutions that ensures participants engagement at your conference or exhibition or expo

f) You are dying to be our event partner or sponsor

g) You just love stalking us!

Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place!

Benefits of Experiential Event Management

People sometimes ask us why were so passionate about experiential events. After all, isn’t event management simply a matter of making sure that the celebratory cake is delivered on time?

Not at Best Events. We design your event to generate action and loyalty. It’s important to us that each participant engages in experiences that leave lasting impressions.

It may sound like a lofty aim, but our experiential work helps clients:

  • Cultivate Meaningful Relationships: The touchstone of all successful events, virtual or live, is connection. With Best Events corporate event management, audiences have the chance to build relationships in multiple ways – through pre-event outreach, conversations with event ambassadors, social networking and post-event discussion.
  • Integrate Technology and Interactive Media: From the first pre-event touch to the insights being shared by participants, technology plays a key role in Best Events event management. Our partner programmers and designers keep the larger picture in mind, combining established technologies and new tools for maximum engagement.
  • Communicate Key Messages: We guarantee your voice will be heard at a Best Events event. Not only that, but we’ll discover the best ways to project your brand messages with technology, signage, displays, entertainment and even building material choices.
  • Motivate Audiences to Share: Promotion is no longer limited to the event management agency. Now participants are equally, if not more, important in showcasing an event to the wider world. So Best Events focuses on a) providing an event worthy of sharing, and b) making it easy for the audience to share their excitement across multiple channels and devices.
  • Reduce Overall Costs: With the Best Events global network on your side, you’ll see immediate benefits in cost efficiency and logistics. Our vertical integration gives us the ability to streamline planning and deliver work on time. What’s more, we achieve long-term results within the framework of your budget.
  • Generate Significant Attendance, Action and Sales: Real, measurable ROI is our final test for any experiential event. We judge the success of our event management on the achievement of your goals. Have we doubled your attendance levels? Tripled your sales? Generated significant media coverage? It’s your call, and it’s our job.

Why Work With Best Events?

Backed by the expertise of our strategic partners, our global event management agency offers:

Virtual Experiences that attract worldwide attention.
Corporate Event Management for emerging brands and Fortune 500 companies.
End-to-End Event Technology including strategy, creative, production, management and data services.
Expert Event Planning, including large-scale meetings and conferences.

Quality control is paramount. Unlike other agencies that out-source much of their services, we plan and administer each step in house – from the initial analysis of your needs to the final execution.


Event Management Services

At the start of a new project, you will be placed in the hands of our experienced event management team.

First we collaborate on a plan that includes your specific requirements, budget and our experiential input. We listen carefully to what you hope to achieve.

Then we put this plan into effect with:

Global Event Planning and Logistics from our worldwide team of strategists, creative minds, designers, architects, engineers, writers and programmers.
Sophisticated Audience Acquisition Programs targeting your specific audiences.
Groundbreaking Creative Ideas that live in person, online, on devices and in the minds of participants long after the event.
Stunning Immersive Environments that shorten time to purchase.
Coordinated Event Communications to deepen attendee engagement and reinforce your message.
World-Renowned Entertainers and Speakers who garner large audiences and international press attention.
Exclusive Invitation-Only Experiences for high value prospects and key decision makers.
Detailed Post-Event Analysis to determine your immediate and long-term ROI.

Our Story

Best Events started in 2008 as a party planner and in 2015 evolved into a corporate event focused consultancy and event technology provider.

We know there are so many event companies out there and building a presence in a saturated industry can be a challenge.

So why choose us? We’re not here to simply coordinate event vendors (you can do that too if you had more time!).

We’re here to make sure that whatever corporate event you organize has a long term happy effect on your attendees whether they be your staff members or clients or suppliers AND we’re here to make sure that your marketing strategies are still relevant and up to date to attract and retain your customers .

We live by our values of honesty, excellence, happiness and beneficent. We give back to society by working with your brand to create cause marketing campaigns that help local non-profits.


  • Increase Sales 81%
  • Create Brand Awareness 78%
  • Launch Products 71%
  • Generate Leads 67%

Got an idea? Need to talk to someone to help you make it a reality? Get in touch with our experts to plan and deliver an event with the WOW-factor! Call +6 012 295 8025