Where Commerce, Culture

& Colour Converge

Strategic Location

Strategically located in the world’s largest and fastest growing economic region, English-speaking yet multilingual, one of the best value for money destinations, economically and politically stable, excellent accessibility, first class infrastructure and our hospitable reputation provide for the perfect stage for your event success.

Business & Leisure

Captivating natural landscapes, unique team-building options, expert advice, world-renowned iconic backdrops and a culture of ‘yes’.

It’s the perfect combination to give you the ‘wow factor’ guaranteed to reward, motivate and inspire.

Strategically located in the heart of Asia, the world’s largest economic growth region coupled with its multi-cultural diversity and excellent value for money, Malaysia offers a compelling proposition for international business events that want to connect with Asia and raise their profile in the world’s most populous region. Malaysia’s strength in engaging with new and emerging economic centres also lies in its rich historical links with China, India, and the Middle East while simultaneously enhancing ties with the West.

Video credit: Created by Fwukai Quah, ‘Tanahair Ku’ or ‘My Mother Land’ in English takes you through every state of Malaysia in beautiful time-lapse sequences through the glorious sunrise to the mesmerizing milkyway at night. This time-lapse video took him about 4 years to complete.