Itau Bank Art Installation

To honor the 70th anniversary of the iconic Paraguayan song ‘Recuerdo de Ypacaraí’, Itaú Bank set up an interactive installation by Paraguay’s Ypacaraí lake – the inspiration behind the song. The Paseo del Recuerdo cultural tribute debuted this quarter, and features a series of wind pipes that let visitors play the song themselves. Itaú Bank’s project will be on display permanently, and forms part of wider efforts by the company to spotlight Paraguayan culture. The installation received thousands of visitors within the first few days of opening.

Your brand x local artists. People care about place, and everything that comes with it: community, belonging, a culture to call their own. This installation sees Itaú tap deep into local culture. But they didn’t do it alone! The bank partnered with artist Fernando Amberé Feliciángeli, who created Paseo del Recuerdo. Want to tap into a local culture yourself? Giving an amazing local artist a platform can be a hugely powerful way to do just that.

Connected yet unconnected. Paseo del Recuerdo deploys zero digital tech. But the result is an experience ripe for sharing online. Proof if any were needed that creating Insta-shareable experiences is really all about tapping and allowing the expression of deep human needs: local pride, creativity, playfulness. The next time you and your team sit down to design a customer experience, start by asking: what deep human needs will this allow our customers to express?

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