INNOVATE is a weekly interview online show that features newly launched technology solutions creating impact.

INNOVATE creates a platform for global exposure, growth & connectivity. Reaching all verticals of technology, from robotics and AI to medical, educational & more, interviews are done online with the founders and team in their place of business and cover all major emerging global Tech Hubs in the Middle East, Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Without being able to exhibit at events and organize product launches due to lockdowns, it is tough to get your product or service seen.

We at Best Events Productions get it.

So what we’re going to do is invite companies that are doing good to the world to send in their news, photos and videos so that we can share it on our upcoming online show- INNOVATE.

For Free.

Yes, you read it right. Free.

We’ll do this till things get a little better and we can see some sign of normalcy.




Be it affordable ventilators or 3D Printed Masks, innovative products related to health and wellbeing



You have a solution that increases the efficiency and productivity for industrial use be it in construction, infrastructure and transportation



You have a sustainable solution to clean our oceans or save energy or reduce global warming or protect our wildlife



You have a solution that protects the safety and welfare of the general public or marginalized communities

I've got Tech that can change the world

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We can’t wait to hear from you!



Made by women for women, She’s All That is a light-hearted online talk show that aims to inspire and empower women through conversations with trailblazing women from all over the world.

Premiering on 30th May 2020 on BE.TVChannel every Saturday 1pm (GMT+8) on YouTube.

a) Do you have an important message to share with women? Do you have a compelling story to share that sparks inspiration and gives hope? We want to feature YOU. Unleash that positive energy! Contact us to be featured on She’s All That.

b) Are you an aspiring singer that wants more exposure? Do you perform your own songs that get people dancing? Well hello future Taylor Swift -we’d love to shine the spotlight on YOU. Contact us to stream your act on She’s All That.

c) Have a product or service that will serve great benefit to women? Looking for a high quality online show to position your brand amongst women? Grab the opportunity to foster deep connections between your brand with our viewers. Contact us for more Sponsorship details.



She's All That

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With the announcement of the Movement Control Order in Malaysia on March 16th 2020, many people were not sure about how to react. Some panicked by stocking up on toilet paper and groceries to last three months, some panicked about how to get everything done from home with kids school work and their own piling work. Some panicked as they had to stop all outdoor activities such exercising and hanging out at eateries with friends. Some business owners panicked about how to get enough cash to pay staff and get the company afloat.

Hanniz Lam had some reservations, naturally, as Best Events Productions had just concluded the first conference (GDCKL2020) of the year and the next one being planned for June 2020 (Global Future Mobility Virtual Conference 2020).

However, she saw that people needed some sort of channel where they can chat about anything to get the pressure off their chests. In an instant she thought, while people are stuck at home, why not create casual interviews about every day things. 

Voila Tête-à-tête with Hanniz Lam was created. Tête-à-tête, in French, means one-to-one discussions.

Every Monday at 5.00pm (GMT+8) she speaks about lifestyle habits, art, business and everyday things. Real stories with real people.

Do you have a story to tell? 

Contact us to be featured on Tête-à-tête with Hanniz Lam.


Tête-à-tête with Hanniz Lam

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