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The show floor is a veritable cornucopia of colors, shapes, sounds, and more. What are some simple design strategies to communicate our offerings and cut through the clutter?

In a hectic exhibit area, attendees tend to quickly scan a room and make quick, vision-based decisions about who deserves their focus. Your exhibit design must quickly grab their attention and then shift it, along with the help of your staffers, to the products or services that best fit their needs.

1. Make new offerings prominent. If you’ve been exhibiting regularly, some attendees will likely be aware of your company and what you offer. They could assume that you have nothing new to offer them. To make sure they don’t skip your booth, put your newest offerings front and center in your space or directly aisle side. Accompany them by brief, effective graphics that say “New!” along with a key benefit statement about how your offerings can help attendees.

2. Promote your best-sellers. While the familiar faces in attendance may be interested in your new products and services, your best-sellers may still define your company in the eyes of first-time attendees. So at minimum, make sure your main wall or central display and signage communicate the defining elements of your business and/or its core products. Sure, people get excited to see new items but it’s important that you also put tried-and-true products in easy-to-spot locales.

3. Add motion. Adding an element of motion can catch the eye and give you that one valuable second to help your exhibit stand out. Depending on your products and strategy, movement could include everything from a rotating sign to a Rube Goldberg-like product display.

4. Consider analog avenues. In this era of augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and more, it’s easy to convince yourself that the only way to attract attendees is through high-tech wizardry. But analog games and old-school technology can sometimes make for clever, eye-catching attractions with a nostalgic hook. So consider ramping up your creativity and crafting an analog option that meets similar objectives.
Competing for attendee attention is a never-ending process. But if you use some of these basic principles, you can have a memorable presence in any exhibit environment.

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