What is Cause Marketing?

This isn’t a charitable contribution, but a marketing program from the company that a nonprofit is the highlight of and beneficiary of. A good example is all the products you see with a pink ribbon. The nonprofit gains awareness and a percentage of sales. The company typically attracts new customers that want to support the nonprofit’s cause.

How can we help your cause marketing campaign?


The key to maximizing ROI on national cause partnerships is local activation. Our cause marketing agency has the unique expertise required to provide the strategic guidance you need to achieve your cause marketing goals. Deliverables include a custom tactical plan which serves as a detailed roadmap for local activation that incorporates input from a variety of internal and external stakeholders.


Studies show that the dollar value of an engaged employee is RM2,400. It’s no surprise that volunteerism is now the core around which companies are building employee engagement strategies and programs. We help our clients create real value through employee volunteer programs that appeal to key audiences and achieve strategic results.


We can build you a sustainable marketing and sales channel for selling products to the passionate supporters of local nonprofit organizations/chapters nationwide. Typically, this type of sales outreach was cost-prohibitive and too labor-intensive.


Need sales support? We will create cause-related sales programs to help increase your annual sales.

Ready to Make a Social Impact?