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From strengthening brand awareness to massive product exposure, tradeshows offer ways to build emotional connections with potential customers that other forms of marketing can’t. With the right event marketing strategy, tradeshow exhibition can be an advantageous channel to connect to the right customers at the right time in their buying cycle. Here are just a few ways trade shows bring value to today’s marketer.

There’s no better networking platform than a tradeshow. You are among peers in your industry and can therefore make new contacts. You don’t have to search for customers, they show up neatly under one roof at the same time.

  • 81% оf trаdе ѕhоw attendees hаvе buуіng аuthоrіtу. Whісh mеаnѕ more thаn 4-оut-оf-5 реорlе wаlkіng the aisles аrе potential сuѕtоmеrѕ.
  • Tradeshows provide high visibility for your company and products.
  • Pre-show promotion on social media and networking platforms allows you to maximize marketing dollars with your tradeshow investment.
  • Your competitors are likely attending the same tradeshows you are, so this is the time to see where you stand among your competition
  • The kind of brand exposure tradeshows provide lends the opportunity to create brand advocates. Once potential customers get to actually experience your product or brand in person, they’re more likely to tell their networks about it and spread your message for you.

Don’t get swallowed by the crowd. Here are some tips to stand out:

1. Make your space a place where people want to be
Most people love food (or drinks), networking and learning. Have food counter or a coffee bar to provide a fun hangout area for attendees to chill and mingle with booth staff. Create a fun, laid-back atmosphere for attendees to feel like they are at home. Check with your exhibitor organizer on the policies of bringing food/drinks in first.

For attendees to learn about product without having to handout brochures or flyer, go digital with interactive walls and screens to give attendees the chance to experience your product or get a demo in an exciting, engaging way. Create an immersive experience by rethinking your booth format to allow attendees to interact with your brand and each other.

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2. Add a Road Show to Your Tradeshow
Road shows have evolved into a popular, effective and flexible means of promotion and direct client approach. The value of doing both a road show and a tradeshow is an increase in brand or product exposure and the opportunity to build FOMO within your target audience.

Take what you did at your tradeshow and bring it on the road. Or, prior to the trade show, build up excitement for the event by promoting it in different locations along the way to lead up to the trade show.

A road show:

  • Is a fast and cost effective marketing tool
  • Can have a direct effect on your sales
  • Allows you to meet the exact target group you need
  • Gives you the opportunity to develop direct marketing contacts

3. Incorporate Artificial Intelligence

AI tech can even transform your business’s trade show experience, allowing you to target the correct audience and follow up during and after the event. There are a variety of ways AI technology can be used at a trade show.

1. Customer Personalization
One advantage of utilizing AI is providing smarter shopping experiences. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to interacting with event attendees, an AI approach might use an event-wide app that looks at which booths the person has already interacted with and suggests similar categories.

AI is already being used to personalize websites through intelligent algorithms that track data on each user. By looking at past behavior, the site can then push notifications to the consumer.

A good example of this type of personalization is found on the site Spotify. Users get recommendations on music they might like based on what they’ve listened to in the past, as well as other data points.

2. Greet Booth Visitors With AI
Another way to utilize AI at a trade show is by having a bot greet booth visitors. This allows you to collect some key information in a friendly way that isn’t so in-your-face. It also allows your employees to spend their time more efficiently by targeting the people who are truly interested in the company’s product or service.

Companies such as McDonald’s are already utilizing AI as an initial point of contact with the consumer. Some McDonald’s have installed stations where you place your order without having to interact with a human and simply pick it up at the counter.

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3. Apps Geared to Business
Some apps are geared to specific events. They are so intuitive they can even store information in a specific category or automatically send it to the cloud or a place you indicate ahead of time.

For example, if your business is B2B, it might be worth your time to develop or partner with an app that stores business cards picked up at a trade show. This allows you to quickly gather contact information and puts your information in the hands of event attendees.

There are several apps that already offer this type of technology for conventions, such as the CamCard app. However, you can also develop one tied to your particular technology.

4. Run Your Marketing Campaign Theme Throughout
When coming up with the theme for your tradeshow booth, consider ways to execute creative, brand embodying exhibit designs that can better translate an overlying campaign theme. Tie your tradeshow marketing with other marketing initiatives you’re implementing. Intentionally hitting your audience with the same message through multiple channels is the key to resonating with them.

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