Women are having a moment in the event world. From the visibility of the Time’s Up anti-harassment movement during this year’s award season to the success of the Women’s March and the first Women’s Convention in Detroit, they are using face-to-face gatherings to make their voices louder than ever.

Women Empowerment

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A “Collaboration Station” featured a bag for each attendee, each of which was hand-calligraphed by Blushtype with her name, title, and business. Next to the wall was a candy station by CandyClub with branded valentines that included phrases such as “I want to take time to toast you” or “You’re the best* thing in my life (*besides Rosé).” Guests were encouraged to fill a small candy bag and write a card to another attendee.

At the end of the night, each attendee brought their bag home with them and got to open up lots of love and girl-power messages.”

Refinery29's 29Rooms

Refinery29’s 29Rooms
At Refinery29’s 29Rooms in New York in Los Angeles, illustrator Jen Mussari designed hand-painted punching bags and gloves for a “The Future Is Female” installation. Electronic music artist Madame Gandhi created beats in the space that guests could turn on by punching the bags.

Photo: Taylor McIntyre/BizBash

Refinery29's 29Rooms

Refinery29’s 29Rooms
The Los Angeles edition of Refinery29’s 29Rooms in December also featured messages of women’s empowerment. A room from entertainer Lilly Singh presented women as superheroes and addressed the cycle of girl-on-girl hate. Refinery29 staffers acted as models for the painted work. Attendees were also invited to enter a phone booth and call a female friend to spread a message of love.

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Refinery29

Refinery29's 29Rooms

Refinery29’s 29Rooms
Both the New York and Los Angeles editions of 29Rooms collaborated with Planned Parenthood on a large-scale installation called “Bright Future,” which used bright neon signage to highlight women’s healthcare issues. Guests could also listen to stories from people who’ve been touched by the organization, as well as pledge their support.

Photo: Taylor McIntyre/BizBash

Sparkle and Shine Darling's Vision Board Soiree

Sparkle and Shine Darling’s Vision Board Soiree
Miami-based retail shop and event space Sparkle and Shine Darling hosted a female-focused event in January 2016. The Vision Board Soiree invited 200 women to create their own motivational vision boards with photos, quotes, magazine cutouts, and more. The boutique was transformed into a creative space meant to empower women of all ages, and guests could snack on cookies featuring phrases such as “She believed she could, so she did.”

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AwesomenessTV and Gatorade's Workout Class

AwesomenessTV and Gatorade’s Workout Class
In December in Los Angeles, AwesomenessTV and Gatorade welcomed local high school girls to a motivational workout class led by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, actress Lea Michele, World Cup champion Julie Foundy, and TV host Rachel DeMita. The women led a conversation about how playing sports shaped who they are today, and workout area featured colorful lockers adorned with the phrase “Sisters in Sweat.”

'The Handmaid's Tale' Art Installation

The Handmaid’s Tale’ Art Installation
To celebrate the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale in April 2017, Hulu showcased an interactive public art installation at the High Line in New York. Designed by graphic artists Paula Scher and Abbott Miller, the multimedia installation was produced by Civic Entertainment Group and fabricated by Duggal Visual Solutions. It featured a red-and-black color scheme with illustrations of handmaid silhouettes, along with hanging light fixtures resembling the white hats the title characters wear in the series. As passersby grabbed novels, the piece was deconstructed to reveal messages of female empowerment and anti-authoritarian resistance.

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hulu

Pandora Sounds Like You: Summer

Pandora Sounds Like You: Summer
At the Pandora Sounds Like You: Summer concert, held in Los Angeles in July, feminine product brand Always created the Always Empowerment Wall. Guests were invited to write messages of women’s empowerment, then take photos to share on social. Always also activated in the women’s bathroom, placing custom decals on the mirrors and handing out samples.

Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Pandora

'Mother' Magazine's In Good Company Conference

‘Mother’ Magazine’s In Good Company Conference
Mother magazine’s inaugural In Good Company conference took place in September in San Francisco. Designed as a space for creative and entrepreneurial mothers to exchange ideas, collect information, and inspire each other, the event encouraged women to bring their children to the conference. Atlejee designer Suvi Silvanto brought her nine-month-old son, Alfons. “I don’t have to worry if my baby’s accepted or not. That makes it unusual,” Silvanto said.

In addition, a mother’s lounge by Plum Organics gave breastfeeding or pumping mothers a place to relax and decompress. Toys by Shop Bitte were on hand to entertain the kids.

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HBO's New Year, New You Week

HBO’s New Year, New You Week
To promote the second season of the Sarah Jessica Parker-led show Divorce in January, HBO partnered with lifestyle brands in New York to deliver fans a week of experiences focused on self-improvement in the new year. The experiences carried out were related to self-improvement and empowerment. For example, DreamDry salon offered guests complimentary blowouts inspired the Parker’s character, Frances.