Pop Up Experiences are booming especially when Malaysians’ number one hobby is shopping. It makes sense that brands regularly have roadshows in malls where they already have permanent stores and counters. So how do you make these roadshows more interesting rather than just have a beautiful built-up, beautiful products and beautiful people selling your products?

How do you shake things up? Create your own pop up which focuses on the experience that your brand wants be associated with. People buy based on emotion, as you know. Pop up Experiences are able to merge art, culture and consumerism. If your brand is strong enough, you really don’t need people shoving their products in your face. You just want them to know who you are and what you stand for and that you love them (and not just their money)

What makes these experiences popular in the first place and how can you enhance your pop up experience?

Have fun – Whether it’s a B2B or B2C market, it’s okay to let people experience your brand in a fun way. This can be done through gamification, a photo-op or a unique giveaway through a digital or analog experience. Even if you’re selling software, try to think of how you can show the benefits of your product rather than the standard PowerPoint demo.

Create something memorable by thinking about how you would want to experience your product.  At Cisco Live in 2018 in Orlando, there was an eight-bit video game that walked through the products and services of the company. As a bonus, each character in the game was an actual employee! This may sound expensive, but with all of the developments in technology, implementing things like this is getting easier and more cost-effective by the day.

Get people involved – Building off of having fun, it’s important to create an atmosphere where people can be interactive and hands-on with your brand message versus just solely relying on how you feature your product or service.

When I visited the Marina Bay Sands Museum in Singapore recently, every exhibit had some kind of multi-sensory experience. WWF worked with the museum to hand out phones with an app which walks you around the museum which transforms into a jungle on screen. The kids got excited, heck, I got excited!

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Even the Hello Kitty Exhibition at Quill Mall Kuala Lumpur brought loads of visitors. Adults like me went to reminisce our childhood. Kids who went discovered new cartoon characters with plenty of photo taking opportunities around.

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Quill mall is relatively quiet so this exhibition actually helped boost foot traffic, even during the weekdays.

Keep in mind: So the next time you build out your space, make it interactive. Make it engaging.

Make it shareable – Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more…there are so many ways to share your message with your audience. As long as you know which channel is the most effective in reaching your audience (paid targeting always helps, of course), social media is a great tool to disseminate information. And when your customers and prospects share it with their audience, it’s a win-win. So make your experience and message easy to share. Incorporate important information (like relevant hashtags and common search terms) that are easily understood and simple to find.

Incorporating fun, interactive, engaging and shareworthy experiences in new spaces may drive you out of your comfort zone, but that’s okay. Some of the best ideas come when people are challenged, up against a wall, or straight-up uncomfortable. Avoid the standard presentation or video reel that has you talking AT people instead of WITH people, go above average and do something different. Create a pop up experience worth talking about!

Best Events Productions is working with a few malls and museums to create multi brand experiences. We would really like to transform under utilized spaces into experience zones.

To find out what is in store for the year and how we can help your brand be part of these pop up experiences or for us to create unique experiences for your brand, do contact us.