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It’s easy to create an event app tailored to each of your events—and each set of event goals. Set up functions like vendor profiles, attendee feedback, live Q&A, gamification, and more. Or don’t! Our effortless event app builder is intuitive, flexible, and configurable to whatever you need it to do.


Key Elements


Hassle-free Communication

An event app is your most direct communication channel. You have multiple ways—notifications, a newsfeed, direct messaging—to get information to attendees without worrying about missing anyone or dealing with finicky systems. Give them what they need to know, when you need them to know it.

Target Audience


Personalization on the Attendee Level

Connection matters. With your event app, you can help attendees find meaningful engagement by providing the opportunities to interact on their terms. Push out information, drive social engagement, and react in real-time to your audience’s needs.


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Build Revenue through Sponsorship

A mobile event app can be a serious source of sponsor revenue and traceable ROI. Sponsors and exhibitors have several ways to reach attendees, ranging from ad-space, to lead capture capabilities, to promotional content. From there, it’s just a matter of measuring your wins.

Key Elements


Repeatable Success Using Audience Data

Your event app has built-in analytics and tracking to help you measure success and KPI. Take advantage of live reporting to respond to attendees in real time, and you access deeper insights post-event to prove ROI and make data-backed decisions for future events.

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