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We have a wide range of unique speciality and novelty acts that will add a spark of excitement to your event and really capture the imagination of your guests!

From beatboxers showcasing an impressive range of vocal percussion and fun bandeoke acts;  BMX riders and freestyle performers; to comedy acts and everything in between right through to the most unique acts you’ll ever see, our professional acts provide incredible entertainment suitable for all kinds of events and themes.

Drone Show

Providing your event with fun futuristic entertainment, our aerial drones will mix and fly between your guests, adding visual interest and a handful of different experiences. Our playful drone performers will help make your upcoming event a memorable affair, and are bound to provide the wow factor element you might be looking for. The perfect futuristic entertainment experience for private parties, gala dinners, festivals, themed events, corporate functions, family days, street performances, trade shows, and many more.

LED Water Drummers

These one-of-a-kind water drumming shows make every event highly memorable and guarantee that your guests will be talking about the show for a long time afterwards. The LED water drummers are a great choice for corporate events, awards ceremonies, galas and brand launches where their short, hard-hitting percussive performances will have a dramatic impact.


Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

Reizo is well recognized as the Professional Official Michael Jackson Tribute Artiste from Malaysia. Reizo and team has impressed Travis Payne himself when he saw them perform in Hong Kong.

Having performed all around the world, Reizo has definitely made his mark and received huge support of many MJ fans from England, U.S, Germany, HK,Singapore, Europe & other countries.

Shadow Dance

The use of screens, shadows and music creates a real WOW factor and surreal illusion, that audiences just won’t be able to take their eyes off as dancers float, glide and bounce across the stage. A curiously engaging performance that will leave guests intrigued and delighted!

Mentalist Aaron Crow

Aaron Crow is widely praised and admired both by fellow artists and producers for his highly visual and original acts and his phenomenal stage presence.

Virtual Reality Games

Host your corporate events and impress your guests with Virtual Reality. Be it a VR Party or business presentation, our VR Games will surely engage your guests.

Speed Painter

This unique and remarkable performer works with the Glitter Painting technique (Glue + Glitter cast) in the style of traditional Speed Painting but reveals the graphics at the very end of the act keeping the public in anticipation during the show.

Painting throughout the performance using clear glue, it is only for the big finale, when the artist throws glitter on the canvas, that the audience see the portrait or graphic appear and really come to life.

This magnificent visual show is both fascinating and impressive to audiences of all ages and can be used at corporate events. It is the perfect way to reveal brand logos, new products, a VIP’s picture or any other type of object to represent graphically in the form of glitter.

Flash Mob Waiters

Surprise your guests with some clumsy waiters who suddenly sing and dance amidst the crowd! Great for opening and closing acts.

Singing in the Rain Acrobatic Show

Host a unique Singing in the Rain 1 hour show with our artistic acts with many years of stage experiences with biggest companies like Cirque du Soleil, Madison Square Garden-NY, Palladium-London,Lido-Paris, Carre-Amsterdam, etc. Award Winning Duo La Vision : Gold Prize : Feux de la Rampe-France, Silver: Grenoble and Bayeux Cirque Festival-France among others

Laser Show

Elevate your audience experience from a common assemblage to a memorable spectacular event impression! Experience seeing 3D aerial laser displays sweeping through the atmosphere.

Straw Hat Hip Hop Dance

Wearing matching silk-woven traditional Chinese attire, black boots, and straw hats, the veiled dancers perform a brilliantly choreographed routine at your events. The fluidity and finesse of their movements almost appear to be giving a subtle nod to movements seen in Taichi and Chinese kung-fu.


With her love for jazz, soul, reggae, acapella, world music and pop, Bihzhu meshes her musical influences and her life experiences into a light-hearted and melodic smorgasbord that shines with honesty, earnestness, beauty and love.

This nightingale just can’t stop weaving tales of Life, Love, and the Divine

DJ Roshan

Roshan is driven by the different genres from around the world including bailefunk, hip hop, dancehall and house music. Having opened for the likes of Soulection artists esta., Joe Kay, Andre Power, The Whooligan, Yukibeb and other notable DJs such as Didi Han, BRLLNT and Cozy Boys, he consistently keeps his crown grooving and dancing.

Emcee and comedian Joanne Kam

Joanne’s distinct style of acid tongue humor earned her the reputation of being one of the most notoriously funny lady on Malaysian stageJoanne also did her fair share of TV appearances in local sitcoms such as NTV7’s highly rated comedy series Kopitiam, Spanar Jaya and “Ah Girl”. She also co hosted an episode of Six degrees of separation with Asha Gill for the Lonely planet.Joanne’s theater involvement:Life Sdn Bhd 2 , Broken Bridges , Broadway Parodies Lah pantomime, Romantic Fools.Cabaret Musical – KAM …..In Your Face , Taming of the Shrew.

Bubble Cellist

Alison Gabrielle is an international electric cellist with a unique LED cello and an LED Bubble Act. Popular for corporate events and weddings around the world.

Jazz Rock Funk Fusion Band

Ganymede (named after the largest of the all the moons of Jupiter, and in many visionaries’ minds, an alternative living habitat for the human race in the future due to its underground oceans and oxygen atmosphere) is the long-term vision of guitarist Ivon Smith finally come to fruition.

Pulling from the best and most viable but still ground-breaking music of the 60s to the 80s, Ganymede covers groovy, funk rhythms in 10/8 timing, Indian-jazz hybrid tunes delivered with hard rock sensibilities, fusion guitar-keyboard battles formed from twisting eastern melodies that would even make Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple fans smile with a drum and bass backbone that you can set your watch too – if it runs in 9/4 time at 140 beats per minute! On top of all that, soprano sax and other unique lead, improvisational instrumental experiences will take audiences into realms that they have only heard about in music history – or remember from their youth but never thought they’d get chance to experience again!

iPad Magic

A brand new magic show integrated with the most well known device of technology, iPad.
Imagine, making phone appears, predicting the future, making what seems impossible possible, all done with nothing but an iPad. Reimagining what used to be just a normal magic show by transcending the advancement of technology.
Unlike any other normal performance, its modernistic touch to a magic show is set to deliver a brand new experience for the spectators. Thus elevating an event’s interaction with its audiences to a whole new level.

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