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You’ve received an invitation a conference, get a few reminders prior to that, event day comes, you drive or take public transport to the venue, you park and queue up to register. You get your name tag and are invited to help yourself to coffee/tea and visit the booths that might be present before the conference starts.

If you’re like me, after getting my coffee and looking for a cocktail table to place the saucer, I’d look around the room hoping to see a familiar face. If none is present, I’d start visiting the booths, get a few freebies then head into the hall.

I’ve only attended a handful of conferences that actually start engaging me the moment I sign up to attend the conference. The email reminders are just reminders about the date, time and agenda. Nothing extraordinary, nothing captivating, nothing to make me look forward to visiting the sponsors booths.

This can change. By using an event app, you can start engaging guests with conversation about the event, speakers and sponsors  in the social networking tool. The leaderboard is activated and active guests are rewarded with points. These points can be used to redeem prizes or enter you in a lucky draw.

A competition can be organized within the app so that guests start buzzing about the event even before leaving their homes.

But what if you’re not the type to download apps? How do exhibitors and the event organizers engage with you?

Here are a few ways in which you can drive engagement at your next event with the help of Gamification:

1. Gamification corner:

Creating a separate gaming corner is a great way to attract audience. It is a space for the attendees to relax during breaks and in their free time. Small gamification corner with basic games is budget permissible. Setting up video games, games like foosball, chess, etc. is a good alternative.

Another added benefit is the scope for sponsor promotion. This can be done through a creative display of sponsor logos. Think of a more creative approach to club sponsors promotion and gamification in events.

If you have a bigger budget to spare, you can also include VR and AR games. It is a great addition to a gamification corner and will surely get people talking about your event. Brands like PlayStation have launched their own VR gaming set that could be set up.

Refer to this example. The Red Sox set up a virtual batting field in the middle of Fenway Park as a part of their promotion. It is an apt example of combining gamification and VR tech for promotion.

Watch here:

2. Ice-breakers and networking games:

Getting the attendees to network and interact among themselves through games is a great way to break the ice. But, remember, there’s a fine line between childish and fun. Don’t make it awkward for attendees. You can have simple games that help them to get to know their fellow attendees.

Games like two truths one lie or the name tag switch work well. You could also divide the attendees into small teams to help them network better and give out challenges. If your event has its own event networking platform,you can get the attendees play games like trivia or a quick rapid fire quiz too using the platform.

Other examples of networking games including the name game where the attendees are given certain conditions and have to name a fellow attendee meeting those conditions. These are just a few fun ways to get to know the people around you.

3. Gamification through polling:

One way to get attendee feedback and opinion is through polling. Polling can be based on any topic related to the event or on the event facilities, their feedback on the sessions or the overall event. Attendees can vote based on the option provided and majority opinion on the poll can be derived.

You can make polling fun and more appealing. Here’s an idea. You could divide your attendees into teams and get them to vote for your polls. The team with the most polls answered is the final winner. You can also organize a guessing contest. Each team gives their guess for the results of the poll. The one with the closest guess wins.

Another way to go is to award badges to the attendees based on the number of polls answered. You could divide your polling into levels based on the type of questions or the number of polls answered. With each level crossed, the attendee gets a badge. The attendee with maximum badges wins.

Thus you can gamify your polling in multiple ways to encourage attendee participation.

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