When we visit boutiques or hotels or stores, we expect brands today to leverage technology to offer us some level of personalization. You might notice the “You Might Like” suggestion from an e-commerce site or customized ads on a webpage after your recent visit to a webpage.

How do provide an unforgettable and engaging experience for attendees at trade shows?  It’s a matter of applying the right strategy with the right technology.

The right strategy
You could have an overzealous marketing team wanting to use tech in everything but it’s not a good idea if it’s just about chasing the latest digital trend.

Before you dig in deep with digital and event technology for your booth or retail store or outlet, consider these questions:

What do you want to achieve?

Technology can be informative and entertaining, but the call of action, specifically in
the direction of achieving a business goal is super important. Those “You May Also Like” suggestions you see in targeted email campaigns are meant to get people to click a link and ultimately buy more.

In the event space, technology should attract attendees to your booth, inform them, and ultimately engage them to take an action.

Who is your audience?
There is no one size fits all formula when it comes to how an audience reacts and interacts to a technology. You would need to consider demographic and how they react to technology. Different trade shows might attract a different type of audience with different expectations.

Stay tuned in to each audience’s particular needs and adjust accordingly.

What is working already?
Consider the digital integrations you are already using and determine which have worked well with your
audiences. Fine tune them based on what you know works.