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You have a great event coming up, you’ve got the sponsors and super speakers and the jam-packed programme is all set but no one knows that it’s happening and the tickets ain’t selling. So what do you do? Timing is everything. Make sure your event doesn’t clash with another big event or festival. You should be teasing your target audience crowd with event content at least 3 months before the event.

What else can you do?

An Attractive Website

How does your website look? Is it appealing enough to woo your audience? Your website should have rich content with good use of videos and images, easy to navigate, simple yet well-designed, and an easy registration process. The overall look and feel of the website should be amazing enough that it draws the audience to your site at a glance.

SEO is a Must

It’s no use if your website is good or informative but does not make it into the top positions of search results. Improve ranking of your website on search engine through constant content updates and the use of keywords that are relevant to your event programme. This increases traffic to your site and hopefully more sales!

Email Marketing

Most of our business communication happens is done through email. Email Marketing may be a little traditional form of event marketing, but it is still very effective if done right. Done wrong and it ends up being deleted. Make sure that your mail is visually attractive with less text and a strong call to action button.

Be on Social Media

If you are not present on social media, then be prepared for less sales. Use it as a platform where you can do extensive campaigning of your brand and your event. Be active where your audience are before, during and after your event. Make your posts shareable by updating it with engaging content.

Public Relations

PR can create the right buzz for your event. Bring out all your media contacts and ensure that your event gets as much coverage as possible. Prepare an interesting content piece with images and informative text and send it out to journalists to get your events featured on their publications. Customize stories to send to different journalists so that readers learn different things from different media.

Listing Sites

Most of the people search for events on popular listing sites, so making your presence felt there means you will have a greater audience reach. It will save your time and money; you can make it more location and category specific, thus improving SEO visibility and increasing ticket sales.