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Best Events is an established event management company known for organizing informative as well as creative events.

We have created a strong niche in corporate planning events which are loved by companies and enjoyed by the attendees who become a part of it. We offer assistance in organizing exciting activities for staff retreats, incentive programmes, and logistic management, event content, and speaker management for more business orientated events such as conferences and tradeshows. The various types of enticing activities offered by Best Events has given us a top position as an event planner in Malaysia.


Some companies label recreational activities such as extreme sports and physical challenges as team building activities. There can be some key learnings derived from these activities but they are more geared towards building camederie amongst colleagues. We usually label these as company retreats, business retreats or recreational activites. Some of the most popular recreational organized by Best Events include Murder Mystery in the Misty Mountains, Beatswork, Tradewinds, Borneo Jungle Adventure, Travel Show, Explorace and River Wild Adventure.

We work with recreational experts to ensure that your company receives the best value out of these activities.

Such activities give staff and team members a memorable time while strengthening the value of togetherness. It gives them a wonderful platform to share their experiences while learning to handle difficult situations together which ultimately helps in team bonding.


Our team building activities however focus more on empowering creative thinking skills and encourage strategic planning among team members while incorporating company values into these activities. Some activities work wonders in helping team members learn about the effective management of resources while enjoying each other’s company. As we love creating events that truly matter, we also try to incorporate CSR elements into these activities so that not only will your staff walk away understanding your company values, products and services better, they are also making a difference to communities where these activities are held.

The event planning and consulting services offered by Best Events helps to lighten the burden of companies that are faced with time constraint or have little access to local markets and professional event vendors.  


Malaysia is known as a destination for work and sightseeing. Best Events provides corporate incentives across Malaysia (and anywhere else in the world!).

Whether you want your guests to see a drumming performance or kayaking at one of our islands or climb our mountains, our corporate incentives specialists can make your visit an unforgettable one!

We bring a touch of class, style and panache to all our your corporate incentive events.

We never forget that this is your chance to impress, treat your guests well, create a good image, make them feel valued and special and so we pull out all the stop.

We offer fantastic ways of business retreats by organizing indoor and outdoor corporate team building activities for groups of 12 and above. These activities provide a thrilling experience to each and every member of the team while strengthening the team bonding, nurturing problem solving skills and promoting learning and creativity while sharing experiences with each other.

The team building cum recreational activities organized for the organizations and corporations in Malaysia and South East Asia helps improve the performance of staff and provides a good source of entertainment that gives a thrilling experience to everyone. There are various team building activities organized by Best Events which are loved by corporations, organizations and the team members who experience them.

Below are some of our partner’s popular recreational activities:

Go Team

Go Team is a state-of-the-art GPS enabled treasure hunt application that enables real time interactivity in a live team building environment anywhere in the world.

Go Team promotes individual and group growth with fun and memorable experiences. Its positive learning outcomes are proven to last, changing individuals, teams and organisations.

Encourage better communication. Boost creativity. Improve group morale and team bonding. Inspire laughter and learning. Replace limiting beliefs with possibility thinking. Develop an appreciation of individual strengths & weaknesses. Highlight the benefits of cooperation. Develop creative problem solving. Improve decision making & individual leadership skills. Inspire ownership and accountability. Enhance communal support and encouragement. Boost project and time management skills. Find opportunities and overcome challenges. Promote better conflict resolution. Accelerate a shared vision.



Using the infectious rhythms of Brazilian Samba, BeatsWork will create a sense of unity, common purpose and shared achievement in your team. As each person plays their part in time and on cue, you will discover that when individuals work together as one, they become an unstoppable and powerful force.

High energy, collaborative and inspirational, you’ll find that everyone is involved with BeatsWork. Even your most reserved characters will soon be beaming from ear to ear as they collectively stomp, beat, shake and drum in rhythm with their colleagues.

Without doubt, BeatsWork is the most exhilarating teambuilding activity to sweep the world.



Ahoy there, me hearties! There’s a fortune to be made on the high seas, so hoist the Jolly Roger, cast off and set sail for Trade Winds!

This is a fun, fast-moving and swash-buckling business adventure that involves negotiating, gathering information, networking and building trust.

Set in Port Royal in the 17th Century, Trade Winds evokes a period of great opportunity for the wise and quick-witted. To be a successful pirate in Trade Winds requires more than a shiny cutlass and a sharp tongue!

It takes clever negotiation, creative thinking and strategic planning to become the richest crew in port.  Trade Winds is easy to understand but a real challenge to master. As a business game, it is a valuable experience that reinforces the key knowledge that trust, networking and relationships are vital for any business to succeed. A versatile event that can be played in about one hour, Trade Winds is rousing fun and can be themed to create a full-blown pirate atmosphere. Add some Caribbean cuisine and Trade Winds is the centrepiece of an unforgettable event that will put the ‘yo ho ho’ into every participating pirate!


Commercial Break

Television and cinema commercials are one of the most powerful and pervasive communication mediums. Using astute techniques, from the subtle to the outright blatant, their emotive pitch influences our behaviours, alters our perceptions and even makes us laugh!

With Commercial Break your delegates will experience the fascinating world of advertising as they create an award-winning advert from initial brief to final screening. The adverts you create can:

Promote your company

Promote your products or services

Reinforce your conference goals

Deliver powerful internal messages

Or even, poke fun at your competitors!

Your participants will be encouraged to work together whilst using all their creative, strategic and project management skills. As with the real advertising world, management of time, people and resources is critical to success.

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