Brand Experience is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. It’s about bringing your brand to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections with your customers.

Brand Experience campaigns take many forms and may involve some, or all of the following:

• Consumer promotions
• Experiential Marketing
• Digital campaigns
• Shopper Marketing
• Sampling campaigns

Building a community of loyal customers is more than just selling a good product or service. With brand activation activities, you are not limited to product displays or ads.

These activities can be done at event trade shows, at your local mall, in parks, at places least expected to create the element of surprise.

Customers are product savvy. They usually research about products and services before they purchase. What makes them pick your brand is about how you make them feel when they use your product or at least when they engage with your brand.

Brands today drive engagement and brand loyalty with their customers using a wealth of strategies, tools and technologies. Emerging technologies like voice and artificial intelligence provide new ways for consumers to interact with companies and for companies to interact with consumers, respectively. Delivering an omnichannel customer experience has become imperative as the lines between online and offline continue to blur. All of these new strategies, along with changing customer expectations, are driving brands to rethink their mobile experience.

To create a live experience that feels genuine, buy-in from both the brand partner and consumers is critical. The experience needs to feel both organic and relevant. Guests can smell if you’re pandering, and this turns them off quicker than a spoiled dish at the pop-up restaurant.

When conceptualizing your activation, take stock of important questions like, “Does this feel like the brand?” and “Will this speak to our audience?” Pushing boundaries is an important part of invigorating a company’s image, but going too far outside a client’s comfort zone can miss the mark. Beyond qualitative observations, data is a key driver in ensuring this authenticity and positive audience response in the long run. Observation of behaviors, desires and needs is critical to unlocking the secret to authentic experiences. After all, you are creating joy and joy cannot be faked. Try to fake it and you risk turning consumers off from the brand altogether. On the other hand, delivering on authenticity will result in organic social sharing, viral buzz and media coverage.

Together with our clients, we create lasting impressions.

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