We offer awesome corporate team building activities which not only strengthen the bonding of the teams involved, but also give a good entertainment. Our popular Go Team activity gives instructions through its app feature and is enjoyed in any outdoor venue by the participants. It offers a wonderful way of encouraging strategic thinking, inspiring creativity and a time to enjoy supportive teamwork while having fun at a memorable destination.

Another activity sought after by teams specifically for enjoying an indoor activity is Murder Mystery in the Misty Mountains. The mystery begins at Cameron Highlands Resort where the whole activity is conducted. The thrill begins a week or two before when guests are invited and are provided with their character sheets. This activity is considered to be the best for team cohesion, developing problem solving skills while proving a great source of entertainment and relaxed atmosphere to the whole team. It is a fantastic way of team building in Malaysia.

Beatswork is one of the most enlivening corporate team building activities with the team getting transformed into a giant percussion band on thrilling rhythms of samba. The most interesting part is its ability to involve even the most reserved characters and get them to stamp their feet in rhythm with their colleagues. It is a great way to unify the group, create a positive attitude, inspire everyone and celebrate the success of team building in Malaysia.

Trade Winds is an inspiring game activity in which team is divided into groups and each group plays the crew of a pirate ship which aims to trade and get valuable information through the few possessions with which they arrive. It provides an interesting platform for developing networking skills and improving negotiation skills while focusing on strategic planning and creative thinking.

Borneo Jungle Adventure activity offers a memorable trekking experience of Borneo jungle while enjoying various competitive team challenges and showing team work in overcoming those challenges.

The Travel Show activity involves the team members who are requested to make a short travel documentary while meeting certain specifications. It encourages shared visions and goals, reinforces creative thinking and promotes problem solving skills.

Explorace gives a beautiful chance to visit different locations with your team members in which each team must complete a cultural, logical or active problem solving challenge before getting information about their next destination. This activity fosters cross-team communication and boosts knowledge about effective management of resources.

River Wild Adventure divides the whole team into different groups and gives a variety of challenges to be completed while enjoying a water rafting journey. It offers an amazing way to unify the group and share experiences while learning about the effective management of resources.