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Marketing has evolved into an omnichannel approach. This means you can no longer just go after one channel to succeed. Channels that worked before may not work as well now.

Just like how SEO was more effective earlier on, or paid ads were more affordable and produced a higher ROI, or referral marketing was much more effective. There are a lot of single-channel case studies that worked in the past.

So how do you survive in a competitive market?
You take an omnichannel approach. You don’t have a choice other than to use all of the marketing channels out there. It’s a numbers game. If you add up all of these channels that produce a small amount of ROI, it will add up to a big number at the end. But when you look at each channel individually, the results aren’t fantastic But when you combine them, it looks great.

Start with chat
What do you check more, your text messages or your email inbox? I’m going to go for chat because you look at your phone more often than your email.

Here is an interesting stat for you… did you know that over 6 billion SMS messages are sent daily?

Now can you guess how many emails are sent daily?

269 billion!

That’s a big difference.

And do you know how many people visit Facebook each day?

1.62 billion.

Now the point I’m trying to share is that they are all massive channels that people are using each and every day.

So why wouldn’t you try and leverage all of them?

And you can easily do so through chat marketing tools like Zendesk or Manychat that allow you to communicate to your customers using text messaging, email marketing, and Facebook Messenger.

Now that you are all set up, I want you to use the following templates for your business as I know they convert…

Templates that convert

Text messaging templates
A text message to send someone is:

[first name]?

When someone sends you a text with just your first name and a “?” what do you do? Chances are you respond with… “who is this?”.

Once someone responds with who is this, our sales reps typically respond with…

This is John from (your company name) team. I just wanted to follow up to see if you have any questions or if we can help you with anything.

Another one that works well is a “flash sales” text message…

Flash Sale: All product on [yoursite] are [x]% off for the next 24 hours. [insert URL]

This one works really well during holidays or anytime you want to run a promotion. Depending on the size of the business you run and how big your list is, you will usually see an additional 2 to 3% in revenue for that month.

A text campaign is…

Check out this new blog post, [subject of the blog post] [URL]

An example would be… “Check out this new blog post on doubling your SEO traffic [URL]”

When I send out text message alerts for new posts, it usually increases the traffic to that blog post by another 4%.

Email templates
You’re probably familiar with this email template as you get it from me every week.

Subject: How to Generate Leads When You Have Little to No Traffic

If you have a ton of traffic, it’s easy to generate leads.

But what if you have a new website or one with little to no traffic?

What if you don’t have any money to spend on paid ads?

What should you do?

Well, there is a solution. Here’s how you generate leads when you have no traffic. (link to blog post)


(your name)

It’s a simple text-based email where the subject line is the title of your blog post and the text of the email states a problem and solution, with the solution being a link to the blog post.

To give you a rough idea, that email format has been getting me 29% to 33% open rates and 4% to 7% click-through rates.

And if you are selling info products through webinars, there are 8 types of emails can be used to generate sales :

Invite sequence – these are a series of emails that invite people to watch your webinar. 

Indoctrination – you need to build a connection with people. People are more likely to convert if they know more about you and trust you.
No shows – just because someone signs up to watch your webinar, it doesn’t mean they will attend. For everyone who doesn’t attend, you’ll want to email them and get them to watch the replay.
Encore – not everyone will watch your whole webinar. If they don’t stick to the end they won’t see your offer. You’ll want a few emails that push the replay.
Objection handler – there are a handful of reasons someone may not buy. You’ll want to answer each of those objections through email.
Countdown sequence – you’ll want to close off your course. Letting people know that they only have a few days left to buy is a really effective way to generate sales. These emails will roughly make up 1/3 to half of your sales.
Last chance email – on the last day you’ll want to send a few emails letting people know it is about to close.
Free trial offer – the majority of people won’t buy from you. Offering the last chance free trial offer is a great way to roughly get 15% more sales.

If you are selling products, there are 3 main emails that I’ve found to work well. The first 2 are for cart abandonment.

Subject: Did you forget something?

We noticed that you left something behind. Don’t worry though, we saved the items in your cart so you can easily complete your purchase.

[insert picture of products]

CTA button: Return to cart

This simple abandonment email typically increases sales by 1.73%.

Subject: Still thinking about it?

If you can’t decide on whether [insert product name] is right for you, here are some of the benefits:

[insert benefit 1]

[insert benefit 2]

[insert benefit 3]

[insert benefit 4]

[insert benefit 5]

[insert benefit 6]

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose with our 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

CTA: Complete my purchase

On average this email has provided our customers an increase of 1.44% in sales.

Subject: Who doesn’t love 15% off?

Explore new [type of products you sell] that will help you with [insert benefit].

Sale ends at [insert date and time].

CTA: Claim my discount

Now with the discount/coupon code email, we’ve found the results to vary a lot. The bigger the discount, the more sales you will typically receive. The biggest gains are when companies offer over 30% or greater discount.

Facebook Messenger templates
Unlike email and text, you can’t just easily just message people on Facebook Messenger and do whatever you want. There are rules…

You can message a subscriber within the last 24 hours of your last interaction.
Within that 24-hour time period, you can send promotional material.
After the 24 hour period, messages must contain one of these 4 tags: confirmed event update, post-purchase update, account update, or a human agent.
For users who opt-in to receive messages after 24 hours, you can, of course, message them.

With all the channels you’re working with, how do you keep track of your customers messages to you?

You’ll nee a system that captures data and generate analytics allow you to get a better picture of your business growth and where you should focus your resources on.  By doing so you will also be able to optimise your resources to get better results.  The businesses must also have the agility and scalability to serve their customers in any circumstances regardless of the situation.

Businesses moving their contact centres to Zendesk allows them to provide 24 hours customers service from any location and be omnipresent for their customers.  It gives them easy access to customers information, allowing them to be able to response to customers faster and securely on the cloud. 

Zendesk is an Omnichannel App that allows you to manage all your social media, calls, messaging apps, emails, and up to 900+ other apps all on one platform. It’s easy to use, helps improve your customer experience, and it’s very easy to set up. This system also allows you to track your calls and reporting so that you don’t miss any reports and as your team grows it’s also easily scalable to fit your demand.

One such success story is, a local Malaysian startup that started with a mobile application in 2016 with only 10 staff they were only able to handle 100 sales a month before implementing Zendesk. After the implementation in 2019 they are now able to handle 1000 sales a month, all their customers data are now recorded in the system and they now have a reliable source of data with accurate information. Zendesk enterprise has enabled to operate in a more scalable approach since integrating with their own developed system. By using Zendesk it has also allowed them to create a marketplace on their mobile app to allow other products and services to be offered to their customers. This is only possible when you have a system that can manage all your customers data effectively.

Want to know more about this solution: Zendesk or Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure, click here.


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