While countries in many parts of the world are reducing their military spending, Southeast Asian countries are bucking the trend. Total defence spending of ASEAN states doubled over the last 15 years in absolute terms, with countries like Indonesia and Thailand witnessing military expenditure growth rates of 10 per cent on a year-by-year basis.

The ASEAN ELECTRONIC WARFARE EXHIBITION 2019 (AEWE2019), created at the time of Malaysia’s economic recovery and intends to become a national and international reference in matters related to cyber defence, cyber security, communications and electronic warfare. 

This event, the first of its kind to be organized by ASEAN women, is designed to promote the debate of Defence and Security issues between the Armed Forces and Public Security, industry sectors, academia, public and private institutions, society and the Malaysian government.

Besides generating business opportunities in the Electronic Warfare (EW) and improving trade relations, university students and start ups are also encouraged to showcase their skills in the Hackathon which emphasizes the impact of EW on drones as one way of creating job opportunities in a growing EW and technology related industry. We are also looking for speakers from universities to speak at ASEAN Electronic Warfare 2019 about Unifying Electromagnetic Warfare in a Complex World – Together.



  • institutional decision-makers and entrepreneurs;
  • specialists involved in the processes of evaluation and acquisition of equipments and solutions;
  • authorities and VIPs;
  • all players in the Defence and Security sector;
  • professionals from government institutions and private institutions;
  • professionals of the national banking system;
  • professionals in the critical infrastructure sectors of Malaysia;
  • operational staff and users of equipment and solutions;
  • members of universities and students;
  • specialized media.

All key players in the industry will be together during the five days of the event to exchange experiences, examine market perspectives and develop partnerships.

An excellent opportunity to make new contacts, meet suppliers and keep up to date on the needs of the Armed Forces, Public Security Organs, Government Agencies and Public and Private Institutions of Malaysia.


ASEAN Electronic Warfare Exhibition brings together a large number of players who not only work with Defence and Security. By participating in the exhibition, you are part of a select group of exhibiting companies, among them, great players worldwide. An excellent opportunity for visibility in a market that moves billions. The trade meetings between exhibitors and buyers is a service offered by ASEAN Electronic Warfare Exhibition, and are true “business accelerators”.