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I’ve attended and organized a fair share of big scaled events and as a casual observer it is easy to assume that everything just falls nicely into place. However, coordinating large scale events is a challenge especially when you’re handling foreign guests.

Between maintaining schedules, managing the flow of speakers, and connecting and engaging participants, it can be chaotic if there is no process or system in place. Luckily, a number of event software solutions has made life a little easier for event planners.

Registration and Follow Up

Every great event requires a registration process and subsequent confirmation. If you’re planning a large events, don’t even think of managing these tasks by hand. Nope, Excel sheets don’t cut it. Even smaller event planners can find these tasks tedious. Instead of searching through your email, managing reservations by hand, and providing follow-up responses one at a time, you can make the process easier. Choose automated services designed to simplify the process and deliver the follow-up confirmation automatically.

Event management software, such as Bizzabo, handles your online ticketing to event promotion via email and social media to access to the event agenda to networking and creating polls ensuring that attendees are constantly engaged.

It also retains your event’s data so you understand your event’s success on another level with their extensive reports. You will learn what’s working, what needs work, and how you can make your future events work better.

Advanced Scheduling Options

Attendees, exhibitors, and presenters all have different requirements when it comes to scheduling. To complicate matters more, events need to be organized between all of these individuals to create a cohesive event.

To help ensure your event runs seamlessly, consider software solutions designed to let all of these needs work together, such as those created by Double Dutch and jublia. Automated processes supported by sophisticated algorithms create appointments between attendees, exhibitors, and stakeholders without requiring hands-on management of each individual calendar.

Instead of people wandering aimlessly through large event halls hoping to stumble upon the right options, everyone can have an ideal experience.

As the event proceeds, advanced analytics allow you to gain insight regarding the success of events in progress. This provides feedback in real-time to help you adjust your approach even when the event is well underway.

Web-based Platforms

We can safely say that 100% of attendees of big events rely on their mobile devices to get event updates before, during and after events. It helps with build to-scale event table plans for any type of event with drag-and-drop tools, plus create seating arrangements for attendees.

Planning Pod’s attendee list tool even manages attendees’ contact details, RSVPs, meal choices and custom questions (plus create multiple lists for each event). Every Planning Pod account comes with credit card processing built in for collecting registration/ticket payments and payments on invoices created in your account (US/CA only). No applications, no waiting period. Just start collecting credit card payments today.

Embrace Automation

By integrating automated processes into your event planning, you can concentrate more of your efforts on getting things right from the start while being assured that the tiny details are being taken care of.